Activities and Bonding with Buddies

Camp Ben Frankel has been jam packed with fun activities, games, programs, and cabin bonding – and it’s not even the end of the first week yet!

This week’s activities included horseback riding, sports, music, boating, archery, and acting, and I was able to snap some amazing photos of the campers in some of the activities.

“One thing I liked about the first week of camp was my activity, sports. I played soccer, ultimate frisbee, ultimate football, and kickball with Moose, Button, and my friends. It was so much fun!” – Hannah Snodgrass, 5th-6th grade girls.
Along with all the fun activities, each cabin has been doing a ton of fun bonding activities to get to know each other and promote cabin unity. This past Monday we sent our beloved CITs on their Maddog camping trip where they learned to work together as a team, cook for themselves, portage canoes, and create lasting memories and inside jokes. Thankfully they returned to us safely this morning ready to take on their CIT year together.
The 8th-9th grade girls have also created a bonding experience this week to share with the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls. Each of the older girls was paired up with one or two younger girls to be their “buddy”. They ate dinner together, crafted, played games, and were able to connect with each other to become friends regardless of their age differences.
“I really liked the buddy activity. Ainsley and I got paired up with Ansley from the 8th and 9th grade girls cabin. She is really nice and we had so much fun making signs together and playing games.” – Ayden Simckes, 5th-6th grade girls.
“I learned a lot from my buddy yesterday. It was especially rewarding because my buddy was one of the littlest girls and needed almost constant supervision. It made me feel like a real counselor, and it was cool to be in charge of another human. You can’t only think of your own needs – sometimes others come first.” – Ella Seigel, 8th-9th grade girls.
There are many more memories to be made this camp season, so stay tuned for more updates in our weekly blog posts!
-Tadpole, Media Specialist