Personal Growth and Learning New Skills

One of the main reasons I’ve continuously come back to camp year after year is because of how much I learn at camp every year. I truly believe that I would not be the person I am today without going to camp to grow and learn new skills that I can use in my everyday life. Personal growth is one of the most important values to all of us at Camp Ben Frankel, and we know that there’s something each of us can grow from, learn from, and improve on every single day.

The past few days have been spent learning new valuable skills during our Choose Your Own Adventure day Sunday program, and during our Skills Night evening program. Choose Your Own Adventure day was a huge success because the campers were given the freedom to decide how they wanted to learn and what they wanted to learn about. They were all so happy and excited for the day! The theme of the day was “Spies”, and the morning activities focused on training the body, hands, and mind. For the first activities of the day, the campers could choose to go to either dance, ultimate frisbee, yoga, and capture the flag. My favorite part about these activities is that they allowed the campers to get their energy out and relieve their stress through various forms of exercise. The second set of activities consisted of learning how to create friendship bracelets, how to build a model military tank out of cardboard, and how to make pita bread with our Israeli scouts. Lastly, the third set of activities focused on training the mind by teaching the campers how to play new board games, and by playing a trivia game about Israel. I sat in on the Israeli trivia game and even I learned a bunch of new information that I had never learned before.

Throughout the day, campers kept learning more and more skills that they most likely never would have learned if they hadn’t been here at camp. The same goes for our Skills Night evening program where campers learned how to tie a tie, fold American and Israeli flags, sing songs in Hebrew, perform acts of self defense, and even how to change a tire. It’s so amazing that we’re able to teach these new skills and see the campers perform them so well.
We are constantly growing and learning more about ourselves and our capabilities every single day. There will always be something we can each improve on, and we will never quit working at becoming better versions of the person we were yesterday.
-Tadpole; Media Specialist