First Day

     Wow, we can’t believe the first day of camp is already over! It’s been such a fun-filled day that time just flew right on by.
     In all my years at CBF, yesterday’s move-in day was by far the smoothest one yet. Hugs were exchanged, smiles were shown, and laughs like they never stopped were finally sounded again. As the day went on, the campers new and old settled into their bunks, and got to know their new family for the month. But the best part of the day was definitely the Staff Talent Show where the staff members showed off their talents that we didn’t even know existed! From mind reading to juggling to catching balls with our eyes closed – we’ve got the most talented staff in the land! The staff was so excited to show the campers their skills and have them get to know their camp names in such a unique way.
     The first day was a complete success, and we can’t wait for more amazing days throughout the camp season!
-Tadpole, Media Specialist